I am a creative web designer and developer based in Orlando, Florida.

I'm Matthew Hunt, the CEO & Founder of Afteractive. With over 15 years and 30,000+ hours of professional experience crafting custom websites, I have the skills and talent you need for any modern website design project.

Over the years, my team and I have created websites of all sizes. I've worked with local agencies, small business, highly distinguished institutions, and recognizable nonprofit organizations. Although WordPress has been my specialty, I have extensive experience in other content management systems and platforms like Shopify, HubSpot and Drupal.

These days I work on content and brand strategy, search engine optimization, internet marketing, website architecture, web design, web development, performance optimization, and business development for Afteractive. I work as a freelance web designer at times, but mostly I'm providing services through my Orlando Web Design company . I've become proficient in a wide range of web design-related skills over my career. These capabilities enable me to design beautiful user experiences that exceed clients’ goals and expectations every time. You can find my latest design work on Dribbble. Learn more about my experience on LinkedIn.


Multiple Roles.

Years of Experience.

WordPress Expert

Custom Theme Development


Custom Web Design, Logos

Project Manager

Project & Team Lead

Front-end Developer


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